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Social Support and Mental Health in Teens

Mental disorders affect many different types of people. Poor, rich, extroverted, introverted and all the layers in between.

These are the things I have learned about myself over the last 3-4 years.

I need be around people. Yes no shock for those who know me, I am very extroverted. I need people, they are like my oxygen. The days I am not around people during the workday, are hard for me

I judge a lot and need to do less of that.

I will I knew about my mental illness and had my toolkit when I was much younger. The sooner you start work on your mental health, the better;)

As you get older you start to see patterns. Like, this has happened to me before and I got through it and thrived. I need to remember this. I think getting lost in the moment is really important as well.

Some friends can help during a Time of mental crises, some can't.

Some friends can really help when your tween or teen is struggling with mental health, . Some can't. Because of time, who they are or where they are at in their lives. We need to stop judging this and seeing friendships for what they are: not what I want them to be. Not everyone is going to understand your teen with an eating disorder or mental health disorder.

I lot of people with thought and mood disorders need a routine or structure to their day.

Really. I really, really excel in routine.

It has been a big year of mental change for me. A big one. I see life in a new, less anxious, lens. I have also starting improv (or as some people misspell inprov4health, and I really enjoy the energy and creativity that my students bring to class.

I learn as much from them as they do from me.

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