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Cathy is a dynamic and inspiring keynote speaker whose background seamlessly blends the worlds of comedy improv and mental health. Cathy has harnessed the power of laughter and empathy to deliver impactful messages on mental health, resilience, and personal growth. As a seasoned comedian and improv artist, Cathy’s engaging presentation seamlessly weave personal anecdotes, comedic anecdotes, and practical insights, leaving audiences not only entertained but also deeply moved and motivated.

Having struggled with their own mental health challenges, Cathy brings a profound authenticity to her keynote presentations. She openly share her  journey of overcoming adversity and finding healing through humour and self-compassion. 

Cathy’s talks empower audiences to embrace vulnerability and develop resilience by embracing life's unpredictability. Whether on stage or in virtual settings, Cathy leaves a lasting impact by reminding us that laughter, combined with authenticity and resilience, can be a powerful tool for personal transformation and well-being.

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