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Mother and Daughter Love


Find out what our students and partners say about us!!

"Cathy’s workshops freed up our students in new ways. Our students were speaking without feeling judged. Students honored their authentic selves, which was empowering. No self-judgement or self-criticism allowed for playfulness in our students. I would highly recommend Cathy's workshops to any organization who wants to a have a more creative, less judgmental group of individuals."     

Brendon McGrann, Pine River Institute

In their words

"I loved how inclusive the class was, Cathy is so encouraging, but we still learned a lot of improv techniques."

N.D. (age 14)


"Cathy is very enthusiastic. I came more out of my shell.  You were excited and that made me excited."

C.B. (age 12)

"Cathy was able to get us all laughing and playing. When back at work I felt I had a fresh new perspective on my work and my clients. Laughter at work is the best medicine." 

P.T (adult)


"This class helped with my social anxiety.  The first few classes I felt awkward, then I got comfortable and it got fun."

P.O. (age 12)


"I liked learning improv games. I made mistakes but Cathy was not mean about it.  I want to take the class again!"

O.W. (age 11)

"I am very introverted so I was nervous about Cathy’s workshop. No need. She really was able to key in on our personal strengths and get everyone engaged."

C.R (adult)


"The class helped with my anxiety. I don't like pretending, but I got better at it and started to like it!"

R.C. (aged 10)

"You need this class, you don't know it but you do.  Remembering playing as a kid?  Yeah it was fun."

M.F (adult)

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