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Social Isolation in kids/tweens/teens

We are certainly becoming more aware of social isolation as how it affects individuals. However, there are people who feel a strong sense of social isolation regardless of the presence of a global pandemic.

As someone with general anxiety disorder with depressive episodes I find it (sometimes) hard to connect with others. Because I process information differently, it is hard for me to read others people as well as read some social situations. A lot of people with a mental health disorder, or autism experience this.

How does improv help with this? Well, I have created an environment where everyone can be who they are. Without judgement. People with autism, mental health disorders, or speech disorders can be highly creative people. Once in a place where this can be expressed without judgement, a lot of fun scenes happen in improv4health.

Sometimes our minds also go to dark places, that is also ok, this can be explored in this class (obviously with boundaries, but we have had a lot of explosions, melting and other silliness in our improv scenes).

I have learned that my tribe is out there. People who understand and celebrate who I am. I am creating an online space where kids can be who they are, love who they are, and meet friends who will support and energize them! Come play with us today.

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