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Improv for Tweens and Mental Health

I have worked with many different neuro diverse kids. I have worked with kids with social anxiety, depression, anxiety, thought disorders, autism, speech disorders, mood disorders and Tourette's to name a few. Improv4health has created a space where tweens and teens can be themselves in a safe environment. We do not judge people for what they say, their physical actions, or how they react in a situation. I love the energy and light that my students bring to their time with me.

My students also have great ideas for new games, as well as different versions of the more traditional improv game. What is the difference with beginners improv, and improv 4 mental health? We are focused on fun, and exploring our feelings. I am not focused on students being ready to perform in front of an audience (although I have had some of my students do just that!) our focus is on being in the moment, and enjoying that moment.

Being silly and in the moment helps with mental health in a lot of ways. For one, it is difficult to have the same ruminating thought if you are creating new thoughts. Also, neuro divergent people are very creative people. Our ability to create on the spot and think "out of the box" is ideal in an improv setting. What some people perceive as weird or different, translates into creative and fun when you start improvising.

What I enjoy most about teaching improv is seeing students confidence improve, as well as their ability to take the focus in the scene and learn to lead a scene. I see a lot of progress in both my introverted as well as extroverted students. However, I find that many of my introverted students come out of their shell and excel in character creation, creating scenes in different emotions, as well as coming up with new games.

If you feel like your child would excel in this type of environment, please contact us. All information is on the contact page. I am excited to digitally meet your child and help them reach not only their creative potential, but also help to increase their confidence. They will also meet some great new friends along the way.

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