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Why is Improv Important for Health?

Improv is about getting OUT of your head, and INTO your body.  


At improv4health, we have developed a curriculum of improv games and short scenes that allow students to explore and focus on being authentic and creative. Within this created world of pretend play, students can safely express themselves, and explore different characters, scenes, and friendships, all while having fun. 


Improv builds a sense of confidence as well as the ability to think on the spot.

We are a strong, creative group of people. Although our sessions take place digitally, many friendships have grown from participating in improv4health. We occasionally meet up in real life, too. (This is always in our home community of Parkdale). Kids and families are encouraged to moderate their own discord chat. Creating connection is key to improv4health.

Women participating in improv class
Woman in improv class

What is the Goal?


The goal of the course is to build confidence and create collaboratively, in a safe space. Improv builds a sense of community and keeps your focus on being in the moment.  People of all personalities, introverted, extroverted, as well as people who claim they are “not creative” will benefit from this experience!

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