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Classes for Health Care Providers

Burned out?

Need some me time?

Need to recharge and see things from a new lens?

Comedy Improv for HCP's. You don’t need to be funny to have fun!


Improv is about getting OUT of your head, and INTO your body.  Within a created world of pretend play, students can safely express themselves, and explore different characters, scenes, and friendships, all while having fun. Improv is about laughter, play and being the in the moment.


Improv also allows you to express yourself in a creative and energizing way.  You do not need any experience, be outgoing, or have a background in acting to enjoy improv. There is no need to be “funny” or create preset material.  It is especially useful for counsellors and therapists who may be burned out or would like to observe life through the lens of silliness and fun. Community, Creativity and Connection are the goals.

Improv4health has worked with individual HCP's as well as associations. Contact us for more details on the types of workshops offered. 

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