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Woman in improv class


How can we help? Here are frequently asked questions about our improv4health classes.


Curious about anything else? Just send an email and we'd be happy to answer.


Do I need to be extroverted, funny or the class clown?

No. Every person has an innate creativity inside them. Improv teaches you to explore this, and think on the spot, in an unusual and fun way.


How will classes be conducted?

Our classes are conducted over Zoom. Students will need access to a device with both a camera and a microphone. If more than one person in a household is in the class, they will each need their own device.


Will there be homework in this class?

There is no homework or prep required: all improv is created on the spot. Once in class, students may be asked to create a character, but this character can be supported with any materials or props that are currently in your home.


What if I don't want to perform in a specific scene?

If you are uncomfortable in a particular scene, you can simply request to stop playing in it. 

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