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Fostering Authenticity, Confidence & Resilience

You don't have to be funny to have fun!

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Step into a world of boundless imagination and exhilarating spontaneity with Cathy Gatlin! With an enthusiastic spirit and energetic flair, Cathy is the catalyst for an unforgettable journey into the realms of uninhibited creativity. Prepare to embark on an adventure where innovation knows no bounds, and the magic of the moment is harnessed to its fullest potential.

Cathy’s infectious enthusiasm ignites the room, breathing life into every participant, encouraging them to embrace the power of improvisation. Through a skillful infusion of new thoughts and techniques, Cathy will help participants think on their feet and integrate their authentic selves into their everyday interactions with customers, learners, or others around them. As quick-witted as she is insightful, Cathy knows how to nurture and harness the creative soul, fostering an environment where unique ideas are born and flourish.

Immerse yourself in a workshop where innovation, spontaneity, and the unbridled joy of storytelling is the outcome of this silly, spontaneous, and energetic workshop.

Keynote Speaker

Whether on stage or in virtual settings, Cathy leaves a lasting impact by reminding us that laughter, combined with authenticity and resilience, can be a powerful tool for personal transformation and well-being.

About Cathy

With 21 years of working with educators, I am passionate about education and learning. I work with independent schools to foster adaptability, resilience, and confidence. 

Proven Sales Leader, with over 24 years experience.  Selling with creativity and a big splash of infectious energy and fun. Helping to create an authentic selling process with the power of improv. 

For 4 years I have worked with mental health organizations to unleash the power of community and creativity with clients. 

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